Biblical World View

Presbyterian Christian School is a Christian college preparatory school that strives to present a Biblical worldview across all areas of the curriculum.

The curriculum at PCS is selected in such a way as to develop the skills needed by all students. The curriculum is flexible enough to help us recognize and to help our students develop their individual talents and abilities. The ultimate goal for and the guiding principle of our curriculum is to educate the whole person in accordance with our philosophy of education. Our students are exposed to material deemed necessary to fit the whole person for God’s service in and through human society as we know it today. Subjects taught in our curriculum include, but are not limited to the following: language arts, social sciences, science, mathematics, Bible, physical education, art, music, computer science and foreign languages.


LANGUAGE ARTS-Reading, Writing, Spelling, Language

 Students will be taught to recognize and appreciate language as a unique, God-given gift reflective of God’s image stamped upon man. As God is a communicative being, so also is man who is made in God’s image. God has spoken. God has written. He gives these gifts to man also to aid him in his tasks of subduing and ruling as God’s representatives on earth. God has given this gift of communication as a gift of His common grace to all mankind, not merely to Christians. However, only Christians who have come to know God through Jesus Christ can truly begin to appreciate this gift. Therefore, we work to be precise in grammar, creative and interesting in style, efficient and effective in oral and written communication, and thankful to God in the enjoyment of His gift of language.


Students will also begin to view science in its true, God-related perspective as the study of God’s natural revelation to man. Through study of scientific principles and subjects detailed appropriately for each grade level, the student should be led to a greater understanding of and appreciation for God’s creative and maintaining power in the universe around us. 

The beginning of the universe and all its life will be viewed as creation from nothing by the spoken word of God in the space of six days with God’s pronouncement of good upon it.

In addition, students will also view math as a demonstration of God’s orderliness, creativity, and precision in creation and will become proficient in the use of math as a tool given by God to aid
man in subduing and ruling the earth as God’s representatives.


Students will learn to view all of life’s events--past, present, and future--as the outworking of God’s eternal decree in time and space. 

Most importantly, our students will gain a Biblical understanding of man’s task upon earth--to subdue and rule all of creation for God’s glory. Man’s willful rebellion against God occurred, radically affecting man’s ability to accomplish this God-given mandate. Nevertheless, the task remains, and history records for us the story of how sinful man through the ages has approached this task. The Christian student should be challenged to view history from this Biblical, God-centered perspective and approach society’s current complex problems as responsible people still striving to rule God’s world as His Godly representatives.

“For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things.
To Him be the glory forever! Amen.”