Meet Our Faculty & Staff

All faculty members (K5-12) are certified in the area in which they teach with almost 50% of the faculty holding advanced degrees (Masters or Doctorate).  PCS has a very stable faculty with the average teacher tenure being over 15 years.  All faculty and staff are professing Christians.


Dr. Allen Smithers, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Headmaster Email
Mr. Ryan Reid, B.S., M.Ed. Secondary Dean  Email
Mr. Gareth Bonner, B.A., M.Ed. Secondary Dean Email
Mr. Jim Misner, B.S., M. Div., M.Ed. Secondary Dean of Spiritual Life Email
Mrs. Kayla Farris, B.A., M.Ed. Guidance Counselor, AP Test Coordinator Email
Mrs. Kim Necaise, B.Ed., M.Ed. Guidance Counselor Email
Mrs. Peggy Farris, B.S., M.S. Secondary Administrative Assistant
Secondary Admissions Director
Mr. Scott Griffith, B.S., M.Ed. Elementary Principal Email
Mrs. April Selman Elementary Administrative Assistant
Elementary Admissions Director
Mrs. Heather Tisdale, B.S., M. Ed. Preschool Director Email
Ms. Jamie Tice, B.S., B.A. Business Manager Email
Mrs. Kay Ficken, B.S. Office Staff/Financial Assistant Email
Mr. Arrington Rhett, B.B.A. Director of Stewardship Email
Mr. Terry Walker, B.S., M.S Director of Technology Email
Mr. Rob Shillito, B.A., M.A. Athletic Director Email


Mrs. Jenna Jones, A.A. 3 year old teacher Email
Mrs. April Gavel, B.S. 3 year old Teacher Email
Mrs. Audie Shook, B.S. 3 year old Teacher Email
Mrs. Gin Donnell, B.S. 4 year old Teacher Email
Mrs. Brandi Harper, B.S. 4 year old Teacher Email
Mrs. Whitney Middleton, B.S., M. Ed. 4 year old Teacher Email


Mrs. Jamie Griffin, B.A. Receptionist Email
Mrs. Laura Felsher, B.A. Kindergarten Email
Mrs. Terry Malone, B.S. Kindergarten Email
Mrs. Abbie Sinclair, B.S., M.S. Kindergarten Email
Mrs. Ann Hunter Whitehead, B.S. Kindergarten Email
Mrs. Logan Smithers, B.A., M.Ed., CALT T1 Email
Mrs. Patty Anderson, B.S. 1st Grade Email
Mrs. Kimberly Bonner, B.S. 1st Grade Email
Mrs. Sharon Davis, B.S., M.Ed. 1st Grade Email
Mrs. Lauren Long, B.S. 2nd Grade Email
Mrs. Suzan Newman, B.A. 2nd Grade Email
Mrs. Lynn Tedford, B.S., M.Ed. 2nd Grade Email
Mrs. Natalie Gibson, B.S. 3rd Grade Email
Mrs. Ginny Graham, B.S. 3rd Grade Email
Mrs. Traci Scott, B.S.. 3rd Grade Email
Mrs. Shannon Braswell, B.S. 4th Grade Email
Mrs. Susan Smith, B.A. 4th Grade Email
Mrs. Beth Ann Schultze, B.S. 4th Grade Email
Mrs. Carrie Burks, B.S. 5th & 6th Grade History Email
Mrs. Tanya Choina,, B.S.. 6th English, 5th Reading Email
Mrs. Rene' Foster, B.S. 5th & 6th Grade Reading Email
Mrs. Whitney Hinton, B.B.A. 5th Grade English, Marketing Email
Mr. Davis Johnson, B.S. 5th & 6th Grade Math Email
Mrs. Kathy Leggett, B.S., M.Ed. 5th Grade Reading, 5th Math, 6th Math Email
Mrs. Kathi Sutton, B.S. 5th & 6th Grade Science, 5th English Email
Mr. Matthew Wiggins, B.S. 5th Grade Bible Email
Mrs. Laura Young, B.S. 5th & 6th Grade Bible Email
Mrs. Rene' Smithers, B.S., M.Ed. Computer Email
Mrs. Katie Dyess, B.A. Computer Email
Mrs. Amy Pearce Music Email
Mrs. Amy Nobles, A.A. Art Email
Mr. Randy Martin, B.S., M.Ed. P.E./Coach Email
Mr. Jacob Morgan, B.S. P.E. Email
Miss Angelia Burnham, B.S., M Ed., CAMT, CALT Reading Center Email
Mrs. Andrea Reynolds, B.S., M.Ed. Librarian Email
Mrs. Metha Wood Extended Care Director Email
Mr. Bobby Farris, B.S. Maintenance Email


Mrs. Rosemary Lowery Secondary Receptionist Email
Mrs. Donna Bielstein, B.S., M.Ed. Mathematics Email
Mr. Kris Booker, B.S. Social Studies Email
Ms. Conswayla Bourne, B.S. Head Softball Coach Email
Mrs. Christine Brady, B.S., M.S. Directed Studies Email
Mrs. Melissa Brown, B.S., M.Ed. Mathematics Email
Mrs. Libby Chance, B.S. Mathematics Email
Dr. Jacob Chapman, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Mathematics Email
Mr. Eric Dyess, B.S., M.Ed. Science, Athletics Email
Mrs. Caitlin Farmer, B.S., M.Ed. Science Email
Ms. Laura Ficken, B.S., M.A. English Email
Mr. Bobby Farris, B.S. Maintenance Email
Mrs. Peggy Farris, B.S., M.S. Administrative Assistant Email
Mr. Tommy Ferrill, B.S., M.Ed. Athletics Email
Mr. Bandy Grace, B.A. History,Head JV Football Coach Email
Mrs. Elyse Guthrie, B.S. Librarian Email
Mr. Scott Hathorn, B.A., M.Ed., M.A. Bible Email
Mr. Jarrett Hoffpauir, B.S. Head Baseball Coach Email
Mr. Don Hill Graphic Design, Photography Email
Mrs. Molly Hill, B.S. Athletic Secretary Email
Mrs. Judy Ingram, B.S. Social Studies Email
Mr. Scott Kendrick, B.S., M.Ed. Science Email
Mrs. Lauren Lanford Head Volleyball Coach/Study & Life Skills Email
Mr. Matthew Lofton, B.S. Test Prep, Varsity Girls' Basketball Coach Email
Mr. Patrick McGee Athletics Email
Mrs. Charlotte McPhail, B.S., M.S. Computer Email
Mrs. Andrea Miller, B.A., M.A. Social Studies Email
Mr. Ricardo Moody, B.A. Art Email
Mr. Jesse Noote, B.A. Music Email
Mrs. Janet Patterson, B.S., B.S.N. Mathematics Email
Mrs. Rhonda Robertson, B.A. DC Chemistry, AP Physics Email
Mr. Joshua Rogers, B.A. Latin Email
Mr. Josh Sherer, B.S., M.A., M.Div. Head Boy's Basketball Coach Email
Mrs. Leah Sherer, B.S. English Email
Mr. Phil Smith, B.S. Science, Athletics Email
Mrs. Barbara Stephenson, M.F.A. Drama Email
Mrs. Betty Sugg, B.A. English Email
Mr. Bob Sybert, B.S., M.Ed. History/Athletics Email
Mrs. Marian Tolar, B.A. English Email
Mr. Charlie Turner, B.S., M.Div. History Email
Mrs. Nolvia Ventura, B.S., M.Ed. Spanish Email
Mrs. Machelle Weeks, B.S., M. Ed. Math Email
Mrs. Doris Wheat, B.S. Science Email
Mrs. Kimberly Whitaker, B.S. English Email
Mr. Derek White, B.S. Head Varsity Football Coach Email
Mr. Brian Williams, B.S. Social Studies, Athletics Email
Mr. Wayne Williams Athletics Email