Elementary Campus

The education of children and youth must lead to true wisdom by connecting all knowledge to a Christian worldview of the world. Any genuine education must include a view of the future, and the future includes the eternal perspective. If our students are educated and enter into adult life knowing God and thinking and acting from a biblical worldview, we believe the potential to capture the next generation and their world for Christ can become a reality.

At the elementary school at PCS, we strive to lay a solid, Christian foundation by including:

  • A strong academic curriculum reflecting a biblical worldview
  • Daily Bible lessons
  •  An Accelerated Reading Program
  •  A Reading Center available for students with learning differences
  •  Chapel Programs weekly
  •  Music, art, computer, and Spanish classes
  •  Library visits and P.E.
  • A Spalding Reading Program, which is a phonics-based, multi-sensory program with emphasis also on comprehension, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and writing
  • Advanced classes available in reading and math for Grades 5 and 6
  • Yearly Stanford Achievement Test given through MAIS testing program with scores above grade level.
  • Emphasis on community service projects and helping others 
  • Upper elementary extra-curricular programs in cheerleading, football, and basketball
  • Field Trips