Elementary Summer Reading


The faculty and administration of Presbyterian Christian School believe that reading is of incomparable benefit to the student and should, therefore, continue during the summer. Reading provides exposure to experiences and ideas beyond those of everyday life and thus offers opportunities for enjoyment and intellectual growth. In addition, reading is extremely valuable in improving comprehension and vocabulary and, consequently, is important in preparing students for college entrance examinations as well as for college work itself.

Reading is an important element in a quality education. The ability to read well is critical for the personal growth and development needed to be all God wants us to be in this life. In keeping with PCS’s goal of excellence, the elementary requires that students enrolled in grades 1-6 make reading part of their summer plans. Students may purchase the books from the book source of their choice. Used books are widely available through internet sources and sometimes offer considerable savings. In an effort to promote a deeper understanding of the texts, the school requirements for summer reading include taking a test. Test dates will vary by teacher. Some tests will be administered the first full week of school, and all tests will be administered by August 24. 

Please let the office know if you have any questions.

Please click this link for the summer reading assignments for the upcoming school year.