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A Welcome Letter From Our Elementary Principal

Dear Prospective Parents,

scott griffith pcs elementary principal

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At Presbyterian Christian School, our desire is to assist you as parents with the tremendous responsibility you have to rear your children “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” We see our part in the task as providing an atmosphere and context where sound, challenging academics can be presented from a perspective that honors God and views Biblical Christianity as the truth of life. We want your child to catch the same view of life and reality at school as they should at the two other most important institutions in their lives: the Christian home and the Christian church. So, you see, we are part of a team; home, church, and school, hopefully pulling together in the same direction in the lives of our children. As we work and pray together in each of these important institutions, we can be hopeful and confident that God will bless our efforts and raise up the next generation of Kingdom citizens, well equipped to take their places in His world.

We look forward to our partnership with you in this important task.

Scott Griffith
PCS Elementary Principal