The curriculum at PCS is selected in such a way as to develop the skills needed by all students. The curriculum is flexible enough to help us recognize and to help our students develop their individual talents and abilities. The ultimate goal for and the guiding principle of our curriculum is to educate the whole person in accordance with our philosophy of education. Our students are exposed to material deemed necessary to fit the whole person for God’s service in and through human society as we know it today. Subjects taught in our curriculum include, but are not limited to the following: language arts, social sciences, science, mathematics, Bible, physical education, art, music, computer science and foreign languages.

School Description

Presbyterian Christian School is an independent, co-educational, college-preparatory Christian school enrolling 1000 students in three-year-old kindergarten through twelfth grade.  The school is located on three campuses:  a pre-school facility serving K3 and K4; an elementary facility serving K5 through sixth grade; and a high school facility serving seventh through twelfth grades.  Students come to PCS from eight counties in south Mississippi, and the diverse student body is made up of a variety of racial, economic, and denominational groups. Presbyterian Christian School is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the Southern Association of Independent Schools, and the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools.

School Mission Statement

The Mission of PCS is to provide a comprehensive college preparatory education distinguished by a biblical worldview to equip students with the moral integrity, intellectual capacity, and social conscience to impact the world for Christ.

Secondary School Grading System                        

A+        96.45 and above        4.4                               C+       76.45 – 79.44             2.4

A          92.45 – 96.44            4.2                               C         72.45 – 76.44             2.2

A-        89.45 – 92.44             4.0                               C-        69.45 – 72.44             2.0

B+       86.45 – 89.44             3.4                               PCS has no D range. Any grade below           

B         82.45 – 86.44             3.2                              70 is failing.

B-        79.45 – 82.44             3.0      

Class Rank

As a result of our competitive college preparatory program and small class size, small differences in grades result in significant differences in rank. Therefore, other than designating valedictorian and salutatorian, class rank is not published.

Courses and Weighting

PCS offers four types of courses:  college track, honors, advanced placement (AP), and dual credit (DC).  Because of the increased difficulty, students in our honors, AP, and DC courses receive a weighted average.  The numeric grade in honors courses, Algebra III DC and U.S. History DC, is multiplied by 1.02 to achieve the weighted average.  In AP courses, Physics DC, Chemistry DC, and Calculus DC  the numeric average is multiplied by 1.05 to achieve the weighted average. PCS offers five AP courses: AP English IV, AP English III, AP Biology, AP World History, and AP U.S. Government; five Dual Credit courses: Calculus I, Algebra III/College Algebra, Physics, Chemistry II and U.S. History; and 14 honors courses: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, English I, II, III, and IV, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Polymer Science, Chemistry II, French III, Spanish III, and Latin III.

Profile of the PCS Class of 2015

  • 74 of 74 graduates were accepted into over 35 universities and colleges, both in Mississippi and outside the state. Two graduates were National Merit Finalists and two were commended.
  • 25 of our graduates finished high school with special honors by achieving a final overall average of 94.45 or higher.
  • The average composite ACT score of these graduates was 25.1 with 35 being the highest individual score.
  • 18 graduates scored 29 or higher on the ACT and earned cumulative GPA’s of 3.5, thus qualifying them as Mississippi Eminent Scholars.
  • Graduates received in excess of $6.5 million in scholarship and other financial aid offers.

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