Acceptable Use Policy

Our enthusiasm for the opportunities electronic resources have created has not in any way lessened the commitment to making sure that these resources are used for purposes related to the educational mission of Presbyterian Christian School. Accordingly, the purpose of Internet and other electronic resources is to support the school’s educational mission. Consequently, student use of these resources must be for matters directly related to one’s academic or approved extra-curricular obligations at Presbyterian Christian School. While it is impossible to prevent the truly determined from accessing some questionable material, short of not providing these resources at all, we have established the following policies to make sure these resources are used appropriately:

  • Conduct on the computers is to reflect and be consistent with Christian ethical and moral principles and precepts and is to be consistent with the high standards of character and conduct expected of all students and faculty and is to be in compliance with all school policies.
  • Do not access or transmit material that is profane, abusive, or otherwise questionable.
  • Do not download material and incorporate it into your own work without properly identifying and citing the source. (Do not plagiarize.)
  • Do not send material in violation of local, state, or federal laws. This includes, but is not limited to, anything that is copyrighted or threatening or obscene or covered by trade secret.
  • Do not use our resources for any commercial activities or any political lobbying.
  • Do not tie up the use of our computers, our network, our printers, etc. with tasks that are unrelated to your Presbyterian Christian School academic and extra-curricular obligations. If you are sitting at a computer station, please make sure you are actually using it – others may be waiting to use computers.
  • Any material to be posted to the Internet should be designed with consideration that Presbyterian Christian School will be represented. Therefore, care should be taken that all postings should reflect and adhere to the standards and principles of Presbyterian Christian School. In all instances, the computer teacher, principal, and headmaster have the final say in what shall be posted to the Internet.
  • Be Private: If you find yourself in communication with somebody or some organization on a ‘net’ site off campus, do not reveal personal information about yourself without permission from teachers or your parents and never reveal information about other people when you communicate on the Internet to sites outside PCS.
  • Be Prudent: Never answer inappropriate messages from strangers who contact you over the Internet and never arrange meetings with strangers who may attempt to contact you.
  • Be Presentable: Always be polite and respectful to people with whom you are communicating.