Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader Program

In the PCS Elementary Library, students in the 2nd-6th grades participate in the Accelerated Reader Program.  Students in the 1st grade do not take part at the beginning of school, but will begin at the end of the 1st nine weeks.  The students will read AR books and take computerized tests.  They will be able to take these tests during specific times in the Computer Lab and on their iPads in the individual classrooms.  All AR tests will be taken at school.

Students are encouraged to begin at their individual "comfort levels" and to challenge themselves to progress to more difficult reading levels.  Participation is encouraged for all students.

Our Accelerated Reader Program is a web-based program - Accelerated Reader Enterprise, where the students have access to over 200,000 tests.  The librarian and the teachers will guide students with the topic and genres of books they will read. 

Parents and students may go to AR Bookfinder to view the entire list of A.R. quizzes available. If you want your child to take an AR test on a book, please make sure the test is available before your child reads the book.

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Parents are encouraged to participate in the Home Connect program to view their child's progress.  Additional information and passwords will be sent home.

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AR Tests that are Blocked

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STAR Reading Enterprise

The Star Reading Enterprise Reading Assessment test will be administered several times throughout the school year.  It is a computer generated test that will be given in the computer lab at the beginning of the school year, beginning of second semester, and the end of the school year.  This assessment test will be used as another tool to help track the reading progress of the students.