After School Programs

We are very excited to offer you after school care at Presbyterian Christian School. Our professional and Christian staff provide a nurturing environment for your children, providing on location care for our student’s grades K5 through 6th grades at our Elementary Campus.

Rates & Schedules

After School Care Plan options for your child:
Morning Hours: 7:15am to 7:45am
Afternoon Hours: 2:30pm to 5:30pm

Late Pick up & Payment Schedule

Extended Care Costs: Regular Drop-In
$60/Wk (3-5 days, 3hrs) -------------------
$20/day (1-2 days, 3hrs) $25/day (3hrs)
$25/day (PCS half day, 6hrs) $35/day (PCS half day, 6hrs)
After your designated pick up time has elapsed, a late fee will be assessed. The fee will be $10 for every 15 minutes the parent is late. (Example: 5:31 – 5:45 is $10 and 5:46 – 6:00 is $20). All late fees will be billed on your account.  This is for emergencies and/or special circumstances beyond your control.  Please do not take advantage of this service.