Dr. Allen Smithers Headmaster Email
Mr. Garreth Bonner Secondary Dean  
Mr. Ryan Reid Secondary Dean Email
Mr. Jim Misner Secondary Dean  Email
Mr. Terry Walker Director of Technology Email
Mr. Josh Dorman Atheltic Director Email
Mrs. Molly Hill Athletics Secretary Email
Ms. Megan Cook Atletic Trainer Email
Mrs. Debbie Dozier Custodial Email
Mr. Kyle Maxie Assistant Athletic Director Email
Mr. Erik Graham Archery  
Mrs. Natalie Breland Wiggins Archery  
Mr. Charles Bourland Archery  
Mr. Jerrett Hoffpauir Baseball Varsity/Head  
Mr. Phil Smith Baseball Varisty / Assisstant Email
Mr. Lee Smith Baseball Varisty / Jr.High Email
Mr. Patrick McGee Baseball Varisty / Jr.High Email
Mr. Josh Dorman Basketball / Head Varsity Boys Email
Mr. Jacob Morgan Basketball / Boys Assisstant / Head 7th Grade Email
Mr. Andrew Howell Basketball / Boys Assisstant / Head JV Email
Mr. Matthew Lofton Basketball / Head Varsity Girls Email
Ms. Conswayla Bourne Basketball / Girls Assisstant / Head JV, 7th Grade Email
Mrs. Jill Ford Cheerleader Sponsor / Varsity Email
Mrs. Machelle Weeks Cheerleader Sponsor / JV Email
Mrs. Katheryn McInstosh Color Guard Sponsor Email
Mr. Wayne Williams Cross Country / Head Boys & Girls Email
Mrs. Megan Hunter Drill Team Sponsor Email
Ms. Conswayla Bourne Fast Pitch Softball / Head Email
Ms. Conswayla Bourne Fast Pitch Softball / JV Email
Mr. Derek White Football / Head Varsity Email
Mr. Randy Martin Football/Varsity Assistant Email
Mr. Eric Dyess Football/Varsity Assistant Email
Mr. Tom Ferrill Football / Varsity Assisstant Email
Mr. Phil Smith Football / Varsity Assisstant Email
Mr. Patrick McGee Football / Varsity Assisstant Email
Mr. Jeff Posey Football / Varsity Assisstant Email
Mr. Bandy Grace Football / Head Jr. High & 7th Email
Mr. Bob Sybert Football / Jr. High & 7th Assisstant Email
Mr. Andrew Howell Golf / Head Boys & Girls Email
Mr. Alex Mallion Soccer / Head Varsity & JV Boys Email
Ms. Gemma Lynch Soccer / Head Varsity & JV Girls Email
Mr. Jim Misner Tennis / Head Varsity Email
Mr. Chris Buckhalter Track & Field/Head Varsity Boys Email
Mr. Wayne Williams Track & Field / Head Varsity Girls Email
Mr. Jacob Morgan Volleball / Head Varsity Email