PCS is firmly committed to the study of the Bible as the standard of what Christians believe and how they should behave. While the school seeks to apply biblical principles to every discipline, there is also a concerted effort to provide students with intense and formal study of Bible content and doctrine.


Department Chairman - Jim Misner

Scott Hathorn - 7th Grade Bible, Biblical Studies and Theology

Nick Robison - 7th and 8th Grade Bible

Jim Misner - 7th Grade Bible

Matthew Wiggins - Christian Worldview

Middle school students are provided with a survey of the Old (grades 6 and 7) and New (grade 8) Testaments. Students in these classes will read large sections of the Bible, learn the basic message of each biblical book, be introduced to Bible history, and memorize significant portions from the Scriptures.

High school students are introduced to the basic concepts of biblical doctrine in Bible I. Focus is given to what the Christian faith teaches about God, man, creation, sin, salvation, the Christian life, and the church. Bible I also presents an introduction to the study of hermeneutics (the rules of biblical interpretation) during the spring semester.

Juniors and Seniors can also take a class in Christian Worldview. This class surveys the modern worldviews and philosophies frequently encountered on the modern university campus and then seeks to provide a clear and biblical response, while also developing the student’s ability to articulate a cogent witness to their own Christian faith in an increasingly hostile environment.