Elementary Teacher Request Form

Please read the following very carefully before making a teacher request


Requests need to be submitted online by the last day of school.

  1. Teacher requests are not guaranteed.
  2. Teacher requests are not granted on a first come-first served basis.
  3. Requests may not be granted on the basis of many factors:  number requesting, necessary separating of specific students, etc…
  4. Students should never be told who their teacher will be next year or even who the parent requested.
  5. Parents should not ask the current teacher’s opinion of whom to request for next year.
  6. Requests should not be made with the intention of keeping groups of children together.

Please enter the information requested and click the "Submit" button. The fields marked with * are required.

Please enter the student's first and last name.
Please enter your student's grade for the next school year, not the current academic year.
Please enter the first teacher preference in this field.
Please enter the second teacher preference in this field.
Please enter today's date.
Please complete the reason for your teacher request.
Please enter your phone number that you can be reached if discussion is necessary for your request. This field is required.
Please enter your first and last name as your signature for making this teacher request.