Betty Sugg - Department Chair

7th Grade English - Kimberly Whitaker
8th Grade English - Jill Ford
English II, English II Honors and English III - Georgia Brown
English III Honors, English IV, English IV Honors and AP - Betty Sugg
English I, English I Honors, and English III AP - Susan Williamson

7th-8th English
Middle School English solidifies and expands the student’s understanding and application of the grammar, mechanics, and syntax of the English language through a systematic, sequenced study that primarily uses the A Beka worktexts for each grade.  Students enlarge their understanding of concepts through textbook exercises, original writing of increasing complexity, and reading that is both independent and assigned.  Each course includes weekly vocabulary study based on lessons and lists from the Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop series.  Teachers supplement the vocabulary workbook as they deem appropriate. Advanced classes in 7th and 8th grade English typically cover more material than do the regular classes and cover that material in more depth. 

High School English-Do I choose Regular or Honors????
Honors classes move more quickly than do the regular classes and they cover material in more depth.  Assignments in Honors classes may be more complex than are assignments in the regular classes.   Honors students demonstrate a willingness and ability to work independently both in generating ideas and in organizing themselves.  The regular English classes move at a slower pace and typically require less reading than do the honors classes.

English I, English I Honors
English I continues direct instruction in the grammar and mechanics of the English language and the vocabulary program of the Vocabulary Workshop series.  Although students in both sections use the A Beka worktext for direct instruction in grammar, the honors section moves more quickly and students work with greater independence.  Through writing and reading assignments, students develop the ability to think critically and express themselves clearly in writing and in speaking.  The regular class devotes much of the year to building basic essential skills.  Consequently, the honors section exposes students to a wider range of literature.

English II, English II Honors
The sophomore year extends the skills from previous years through review and exercises of increasing complexity.  With basic skills and a measure of maturity, sophomores hone their vocabulary, reading, writing, and comprehension skills through direct instruction in grammar and through explorations of fiction and nonfiction texts, poetry, drama, and a range of writing assignments. Students review not only grammar rules but also stylistic devices for making writing engaging.  Honors sections spend less time on grammar instruction and therefore cover more examples of the primary genres of literature than is feasible in the regular section.    

English III, English III Honors
Juniors encounter the major genres within the context of American literature.  In their reading and writing, they explore recurring themes in American literature and thus grapple with the outworking of values and ideas that have shaped American culture and that continue to resonate.  The course includes reading from student-purchased works of fiction (both novels and drama) as well as works from a literature text that is a survey of American literature from colonial exploration in the 1500s through the twentieth century.  Vocabulary development continues through the vocabulary series introduced in the 7th grade and through the readings which broaden and enhance knowledge and understanding of words used in daily and academic discourse. 

English IV, regular
Seniors in regular English IV follow the study of genre and thought encountered in the 11th grade with highlights from the British literary tradition.  Vocabulary development continues through the Vocabulary Workshop series and vocabulary drawn from the reading.  Students practice and refine the writing process through varied assignments.

English IV Honors
The framework for English IV Honors is a survey of British literature from Old English to the present.  Students balance aesthetic response to literature with technical analysis and evaluate the cultural mores and ideological shifts found in major literary periods.  The structured approach to vocabulary development continues and students practice and refine the writing process.  The pace allows students to experience a greater breadth and depth of British literature and a more detailed exploration of sophisticated literary genres than does the regular section of English IV.  

English IV Advanced Placement
Advanced Placement Literature and Composition is an advanced level course designed as a year’s study in literature that represents various genres, periods, cultures, and themes.  Significant works in the Western tradition augment the chronological framework of the survey of British literature that is used in English IV Honors.  The AP course is designed for students who are self-disciplined and self-motivated and who have demonstrated competence in writing and literary analysis.

Creative Writing/Mississippi Writers
Creative writing provides students opportunities to compose poems, personal essays, and short fiction.  As students write and respond to the writing of others in the class, they become more aware of the elements that make up good writing and of the strengths of their own writing.The Mississippi Writers portion of the curriculum offers students opportunities to read and discuss several works by Mississippi authors and to explore the character of the South and Southern writing.