Libby Chance - Department Chair

7th Grade Math and PreAlgebra - Donna Bielstein
7th Grade Math, 8th Grade PreAlgebra and Algebra I Honors - Machelle Weeks 
Algebra 1 and Honors Geometry - Janet Patterson
Algebra 2, Honors PreCalculus and Honors Trigonometry - Sarah Pylant
7th Grade PreAlgebra and Algebra 2 Honors - Melissa Brown
Dual Credit Algebra III, Trigonometry, Geometry and Dual Credit Calculus - Libby Chance
Senior Math - Matthew Lofton

The high school math department of Presbyterian Christian School offers two levels of courses, grade level and honors.  Both levels are thorough and an excellent presentation of the material that students need in order to be prepared for not only college, but life. Grade level courses are for average and above average math students who need more time and review to understand skills, feel anxious in math, become frustrated, or may not be motivated to work carefully. Honors level courses are more intense, cover more material, and require the ability to grasp difficult concepts with less review.  Honors level courses aim to prepare the student to take calculus during the senior year.  It is aimed for students that are highly motivated to work hard, do thorough homework, and are excited about following the more difficult course level!

The path for grade level students is basic math (7th), Pre-Algebra (8th), Algebra I (9th), Geometry (10th), Algebra II (11th), and Trigonometry (12th) or Algebra III (12th). The path for honors level students is Pre-Algebra honors (7th), honors Algebra I (8th), honors Geometry (9th), honors Algebra II (10th), Pre-Calculus (11th), and AP Calculus (12th).  Pre-calculus requires honors Algebra II as a prerequisite. Honors juniors may opt for Trigonometry and seniors may opt to take Algebra III.

We offer two of our math courses for dual credit, which means that both high school credit from PCS and college credit from William Carey University will be received.  These two courses are Calculus and Algebra 3 / College Algebra.  Calculus will no longer carry the AP designation, but will officially be known as Calculus DC (for dual credit).  At PCS the other course will be known as Algebra 3 DC, but will be College Algebra on the WCU transcript.

Our aim is to teach math through a Christian world view.  We want students to realize that math is not separate from God, but a part of God’s knowledge. We want them to be amazed by what God has given us!