The Booster Club is happy to announce the launch of Phase 5 of the “PCS Brick Walkway.” This project began in 2009 when many of our high school students were in their early years at the elementary school and many of our elementary students had not even landed on our campus. The Brick Walkway is located in our court yard between the football and baseball fields where hundreds of people gather throughout the year to fellowship before, during and after sporting events.

In Phase 5, we will be renovating the current walkway by replacing some of the bricks as well as strengthening the foundation and adding additional pathways. For those of you familiar with the project we will be offering the same brick pavers and granite squares both available in two sizes for purchase. We invite those of you that have not seen this project to visit the high school and see what the previous phases have included.

The project will begin immediately after the close of our school year so the deadline is rather quick. Please complete your form and brick purchase by May 10th. Please mail the completed form to Amy Griffin, 4 Meriwether Circle, Hattiesburg, MS 39402. Forms are also available on the PCS website: If you have any questions, please contact Amy at 601-466-8350. Thanks so much for your support of the PCS Booster Club this year and for supporting Phase 5 of the PCS Brick Walkway project.

Please click here for the form