We are very fortunate at PCS to be able to offer many high school sciences.  Several of these are Honors or AP classes.  All of the sciences at PCS are taught from a Christian perspective and strive to help students develop a better understanding of a Christian worldview based on Biblical and scientific truth as it is filtered through the word of God.


Doris Wheat - Department Chair

8th Grade Science - Eric Dyess
Human Anatomy, Human Anatomy Honors, and Dual Credit Biology - Caitlin Farmer
Health and Wellness - Gemma Lynch
7th Grade Science, Psychology - Carolyn McInnis
Chemistry, Geology and Meteorology - Phil Smith
8th Grade Science, Physcial Science, and Biology - Doris Wheat 
Dual Credit Chemistry II, Honors Organic Chemistry, and AP Physics - Rhonda Robertson      

Students in the 7th grade take Life Science.  This course covers all aspects of living things. 

Students in the 8th grade take Earth/Space Science.  This course covers astronomy, geology and meteorology. 

Students in the 9th grade take Biology.  This is a survey course of all living things. The course reviews the basics from 7th grade life science and goes deeper into each topic. 

The 7th, 8th and 9th classes use Bob Jones University Press texts. 

All of the courses taught in grades 9-12 are lab based courses.

10th grade students have the option to take Chemistry or Physical Science.  Students who have had Algebra I and maintained a B or better take Chemistry.  Students who take Physical Science in the 10th grade may take Chemistry later. Physical Science gives a great overview of basic Chemistry and Physics.  Chemistry covers the periodic table, writing formulas, balancing equations, etc…

After Chemistry, students may choose A &P, AP biology, Chemistry II, Physics or AP Physics. A & P is the study of the anatomy and physiology of the human body.  This course reviews the cell and tissue and thin covers each system of the body in detail.

AP Biology is a freshman college level course.  The text is the Campbell Reece edition which is the same text used by USM and Ole Miss. This course covers the study of Biology in great detail and moves very fast.

Chemistry II is a continuation of Chemistry. This course allows more depth for students on topics that cannot be covered in a basic class.  This course is especially helpful to students that might have serious intentions in pursuing medicine. 

Physics and AP Physics both cover the basics in physics such as mechanics, motion, light, heat, etc., but the AP class covers each topic in more depth.